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IPAs made easy

Stay on track with Dough's daily Income-Producing Activities and watch your business grow!

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Easy contact import

Import your Facebook friends, customers, and downline in just 5 minutes. Dough will prioritize them and merge duplicates for you – like magic.

Daily reach-outs

Tap into your entire network with Dough's daily list of suggested names. Say hello to your endless FRANK list and opportunity!

Follow-up reminders

Put contacts on auto-rotation or set reminders easily. You'll never let anyone fall through the cracks again.

Notes and history

Take notes and look up contacts to easily pick up from where you left off. Keep it personal with minimum effort.

Scripts, stats, and videos

Boost your business with proven scripts, stats, and on-demand coaching. Dough is here to support you every step of the way.

Everything in one place

Say goodbye to sticky notes and spreadsheets, and stay organized with Dough. You'll double your efficiency in no time.

Secure data

Protecting your data is our top priority. Your information is yours and your contacts are never shared with anyone.

Intuitive design

See why people rave about how easy and fast Dough is to use. No training or assistants needed.

Available on all devices

iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop – you name it, Dough's on it.

"I love Dough! Keeps me on track and gives me the checkmark I need."
"So is this the definition of addiction? I now can't live without Dough. I've never had something like it before."
"Loving Dough. I don't need to think about who to reach out to – it is already right in front of me in the morning. As a result of my first day of reach-outs, I have 2 interested prospects!"

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Dough was founded by Stanford and Amazon alumni to solve the toughest problem in direct sales: relationship management. We started Dough to create a system that works. Less stress, more earnings. It’s as simple as that.